Saturday, October 15, 2011

Introducing Me!

Hello there! I’m not quite sure how good I’m going to be at this whole blogging thing, but I’m going to give it my best shot.

I guess I should start by telling you a little about me, huh? My name is Nell. No, before you ask, Nell isn’t short for anything. I used to hate it, but now I really like it. Its old fashioned and elegant. I wasn’t named for anybody in particular. Some people call me Nellie, but only people that I’m really close to. It bothers me if someone that I barley know calls me that. I guess it’s something you have to earn.

I wouldn’t say I’m anything particularly special. I’m average. I’m not tall, but I’m not short. I’m not overweight but I’m not skinny. My hair isn’t straight but it isn’t curly either. Everything about me is in- between.

I’m a total bookworm. I’m constantly reading, and I can finish a 300 page book in a day. I read the entire Hunger Games trilogy in 2 days. I also absolutely love writing, and I’m currently working on my second novel. I’ve also got about a dozen short stories that I’ve written.

I’m obsessed with pillows. I know that sounds really weird, but I absolutely love them. I have a bunch on my bed and littered around the floor of my room. I can’t sleep without at least two, and I always have to have one of my little throw pillows with me when I sleep. I love them!

All of my interests are really varied in a weird way. Like, I love reading and writing, but I hate learning about English. I hate science but love astronomy. I hate math but love logic problems. I don’t know where all my random interests came from.

I’m a really sentimental person. I save all letters, cards and notes. I’m constantly taking pictures. I save movie ticket stubs. I’m always saving little mementoes of times with my friends or people I love, and I love looking through old photographs. I love the way things like that may mean something to you, but nothing to anyone else. The way those things capture memories.

Well, I can’t think of any more random stuff. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Love, Nell

"I can do all this through Christ who gives me strength."
-Philippians 4:13

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