Sunday, June 10, 2012


Day 30 – a dream for the future

                My life goal, the one thing in life that I hope to achieve by the time I die, is to have gone to every country in the world at least once. There’s 196 of them, and I know it’s a lofty goal, but I’m confident in the direction of my dreams.

                Wanderlust: noun; an irresistible desire to travel to understand one's own existence.

I’ve got wanderlust to the max, and I can’t wait to go out and see the world. I say I’m a small town girl, since I’m from Ohio (let’s be honest, anyone form Ohio is considered a small town girl to anyone outside of Ohio), but I’m really not. The city I’m from isn’t all that small. So on one hand, I feel as though I’ve seen all there is to see in Ohio, but on the other hand…. I just blend in. I’m not noticed.

I know, traveling isn’t going to get me noticed. But it’s going to make me feel like I’m actually doing something worthwhile with my life, instead of sitting around on a computer all day. Maybe I can’t change the world, but I can change me. And changing me can indirectly change the world, right?

I want to have an exciting life. I don’t want to sit around while life goes on around me. I don’t want to exist, I want to live!

                “Why tell your grandkids you worked 9-5, five days a week for 40 years and quietly sat in traffic jams while people went to war, suffered disease and shot their own classmates? Tell them you refused to live in fear. Tell them you crossed the Amazon, saw the Lost Cities of Gold and met your soul mate in Casablanca. Travel to the ends of the earth. Go now and live adventures that will make your grandkids proud.”

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