Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer 2012 :)

Hello, all you bloggers out there! It's summer! Schools out! No more homework, uniforms, classes. Only lemonade, staying up late and sleeping in, tans and friends are all that matter now.  I want this summer to be one I'll always remember, so I made a Summer Bucket List. I've gotten a lot of people to do this with me, so feel free to make your own! Here's mine!
1. Get tan
2. Meet someone new
3. Stay up for 24 hours straight
4. Get super fit
5. Watch the sunrise and sunset
6. Spend a day watching movies
7. Go to a concert
8. Tie dye
9. Bonfire
10. Make my own lemonade
11. Say “yes” to everything for a day
12. Stargaze
13. Photo bomb
14. Get a henna or airbrush tattoo
15. Make a summer playlist 
16. Sleep under the stars
17. Go on a boat
18. Go to the zoo
19. Have a picnic at the beach
20.  Have my official ‘summer 2012 song’
21. Eat nothing but healthy food for a week
22. Melt crayons on a canvas
23. Finish my scrapbook
24. Catch fireflies
25. Road trip
26.chalk color my hair
27. Get my face panted
28. Carve my initials in a tree
29. Order desert first
30. Message in a bottle \balloon
31. Get Ice cream from a truck
32. Play paint twister
33. Finish writing my book
34. Get my ear pieced a second time
35. S’mores
36. Go vegetarian for a day
37. Make food at 3AM
38. Cover my entire driveway in chalk
39. Eat at Red Robin
40. Mani-Pedi
41. Learn to French braid
42. Make a home movie
43. Two day sleepover
44. Play juice pong (like
 beer pong but with apple juice!)
45. Get my temps
46. Finish my wreck this journal
47. Build a fort
48. Go to a BBQ
49. Dye my hair
50. Take at least 1,000 pictures
51. Get a job
52. No regrets :)

What's on your Summer Bucket List, friends? I'd love to see it!

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