Monday, November 21, 2011

We're A Family And We Miss You

Saturday morning, two students from my school were killed in an awful car crash. They were driving home late at night from bowling with friends when they were hit by a drunk driver who was going easily over one hundred miles per hour, according to eye witnesses.
The girl, Christina was giving Corey a ride home from bowling. She was stopped at the light and making a call to tell her brother, who made it through the light in front of her, that she would be home in a minute, a few minutes before they were hit. The boy, Corey Cooper was flung out of the car, and one eye witness tried to help and performed CPR with no response. When paramedics arrived, they were both taken to the nearby hospital, and later pronounced dead.

They were both so young. Corey was only 18, just a senior at my school. Everyone who knew him, or even just saw him in the hallways, knew he was always smiling and laughing. The girl, Christina, was 20, a recent graduate of my school. I barely knew Christina, but I had spoken to Corey on Friday after school for the first time.

I had gone with my friend to talk to the yearbook advisor before we went to hang up posters. I sat on one of the desks while she talked to the teacher about advertisements for the yearbook. Corey walked in to talk to the teacher, who held up a finger. “One minute.” Corey nodded and we exchanged a couple words while we waited. My friend finished up and we left, leaving Corey with the teacher.
Then Saturday I get on Facebook and find out he’s been killed.

It’s awful. I was touched by his life, even though I didn’t know it until it was too late. It’s overwhelming to go on both Corey and Christina’s Facebook pages, or even just scroll down my news feed and see all the posts, pictures and statuses about both of them.

“Tomorrow is going to be hard, walking into school and 7th period, and lunch without seeing Corey. But the truth is that we all can make a difference and DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!! R.I.P COREY ♥”

“Can I please wake up and all this just be a horrible nightmare!? :'(“
"Of course the first thing I hear on the radio this morning is about the accident.. & the silence of the senior hallway is the loudest thing I've heard in my life."
"Today was so quiet and sad. God wanted two great people with him two days ago and we all have to be there for each other gone but not forgotten RIP."
"The silence today was almost unbearable. Even though i didn't know you very well Corey, rest in peace ♥"
“Carroll's a family. When one of us hurts, we all hurt. We miss you, Corey.”

"Well congratulations . You decided to drink and drive , and you killed a twenty year old girl , and a high school student graduating in less than six months . . . He was laughing , always laughing , and if not smiling . . . I have one question , how will you live with yourself ? I couldn't . Rest In Peace , Corey & Christina . Corey , I'm really gonna miss your smile

“Walking into Kroger and knowing that Christina isn't going to be there to check you out is the worst feeling ever, then seeing the memorial they have set up for her really tops it off.. Just when I begin to accept the truth that they're gone I'm forced to remember it all over again.”

“I hate stupid people... Without them we would still have you... Rip Corey♥”

“Two things today should have taught everyone was never
drink and drive! You might think your fine but one drink means don't drive! And also make sure you live each day like your last cause you never know when it could be your last. R.I.P Corey and Christina :(“

“Not even knowing him his tragedy has hit me deep. My prayers go out to his family and loved ones. He will not be forgotten and I know that for sure. His life shows me that you have to live life like today is your last day. From what I have heard he is the model of living life to the fullest and having fun in the process.”

Today was so quiet and sad god wanted two great people with him two days ago and we all have to be there for each other gone but not forgotten RIP“We aren’t just a school. We're a family. Once a patriot, always a patriot. RIP Corey.”

“Only the good die young" RIP Corey and Christina. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and all who have known them... I wish I could be there for the memorial service but just know I am praying with all of you.”

“One time I was talking to Corey, for some random reason, and even then, he told me that life was short and you have to live it to the fullest extent. And I didn't even know him, but I honestly feel like he did that. Clearly, he was extremely loved, and I just wish I could have gotten to know him better. RIP Corey Cooper”

“It can never be explained why God would take two amazing people away from us, but we can hope they are in a better place right now with God and his angels. Love you Corey and Christina. You two always brightened my days and knew how to make me laugh ♥”

Today, the first day back to school since the accident, was the worst day ever. The school was silent. There was a memorial set up in the lobby near the senior hallway, and counselor’s in the chapel. Everyone was crying, and those who didn’t know him were silent, just out of respect for those who did. All the teachers said something about them about them at the beginning of class. Some told us that we could just lay our heads down if we needed to, any time throughout the class, and if we felt the need to go to a counselor, we could just ask and we were immediately allowed to go to the chapel. A lot of students did, and everyone was so depressed and upset. Thank you to the faculty for helping holding us together in this hard time.
Our school is now one filled with pain and anger. We’ve become a family through this tragedy, but we need God more than ever, and I’m praying that God will give us the strength to keep going without Corey and Christina with us. R.I.P Corey and Christina. We love and miss you.