Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Junior Retreat

It's funny how you can see someone every day and not know anything about them.
Each year at my high school, we're required to go on a retreat. Freshman year we stay in the gym all day and do all sorts of activities. It's not that great, especially since you don't know that many people as a freshman. Sophomore year, girls go to one place, and guys go to another, and you spend the length of a school day there. Junior year, you spend a night at this retreat center.
It was so great. I'm not going to go into too much detail, but I learned so much about the people in my class, God and myself. It's crazy the stories that some people have, and you'd never even guess it. I had the best group and the best leader, and everyone was so awesome.
This retreat helped me realize that people don't view me as badly as I think they do, and that I don't give myself enough credit. It helped me realize that people do care, and they do want to help.
It was honestly just a really cool experience, and I can't wait until Senior Retreat next year.

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