Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Day 28 – what’s in your handbag/purse

My purse! It’s full of junk, so be prepared.

Chapstick, my favorite brand!

 Makeup- eyeliner and mascara.
 Probably the best thing in my purse- Chipoltle gift card. Food of the gods.
 Hunger Games movie ticket! If you haven’t seen it, I advise you… go now! Actually, read the books first, THEN go see it!
 This is a nail from the Maundy Thursday service at my church, that’s supposed to remind of the sacrifice God made for us.
 Bobby pins, the few I have yet to lose.
 Apple Blossom Citrus lotion from Bath and Body Works, one of the most glorious stores in the world.
 My iPod, one of my most prized possestions.
 Rubber bands for my braces. Yuck. But on the bright side, not too long until my braces come off... June 14th!!
 Caribbean Escape hand sanitizer from B&BW. The hand sanitizer is like crack.
 Key chain!
 Favorite key chain ever!
 Sunglasses. Except they’re almost broken, I use them so much. ):
 Hair ties. What girl doesn’t have a thousand of these in her purse?
 When I leave my house, I stuff food in my purse. Don’t judge me.
 Cute hairpins, slash bobby pins. Double amazingness.
 My wallet doesn’t fit in my purse, so I have to stick all my gift cards and money in my little pocket on the front.

Well, now that you’ve seen the inside of my purse, your life can go on.

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