Thursday, April 19, 2012

Typical Day

Day 25 – your day, in great detail. Hello lovelies! My day’s pretty boring, but oh well.

6:45 My alarm goes off. I hit snooze.

7:00 I actually get up

7:20 Eat breakfast, pack lunch

7:35 Out the door, headed to school.

7:50 At school, hang out with friends and finish homework until the bell rings

8:08 Warning bell rings, head to first period

8:13 Last bell rings, first period starts- Peace and Justice (my religion class)

9:02 Peace and Justice ends, head to homeroom

9:16 Homeroom ends, time for Chemistry… ugh

9:16- 10:10 Suffer through the worst class in the world

10:13 On to Creative Writing… best class ever. Filled with funny people and fun stuff!

11:02 Bell rings and I go to my locker

11:05 on to Applied Rhetoric, aka English

12:08 Lunch! (:

12:38 lunch ends :( on to math, another terrible subject

12:41- 1:27 suffering, suffering, suffering

1:30 History class, which is pretty fun

1:45 usually by now my history teacher has made jokes that are so stupid they’re funny, tell us a story that has no relevance to what we’re learning, insult half the class, and still managed to have taught most of the lesson.

2:16 And now for Spanish, last class of the day

3:05 Final bell rings, I’m finally free!!

3:30 and I’m home. Change out of my uniform, get a snack

4:00 pull out my laptop, usually write some

6:00 Dinner!

7:00 Homework. Yuck. Typically study Chemistry, and usually have some Spanish and History homework as well

8:15 take a break, eat a snack, then back to studying

9:00 usually done by now. I’ll read some, or get on the computer and do absolutely nothing productive on the computer

10:30 bed time! Good night (:

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