Monday, February 6, 2012

Unity Through Tragedy

This is the fifth person at my school who has died this year.

First was an English teacher, from cancer.

Then Corey and Christina from the car crash back in November.

Next was my friend’s cousin, Chris, who committed suicide a couple weeks ago.

Now, the football coach’s daughter died in a car crash on the Thursday night of the week Chris committed suicide.

It’s weird, in an awful way. Our school family has been through so much together. We’ve had happy times, for sure, but the loss this year has been immense.

People always say that they didn’t know people our age could die, and I would think “Are you stupid? Everyone can die!” But now I understand. You know they can die, you just aren’t expecting it. They’re so young; they have so much life ahead of them. They haven’t lived long. You just don’t expect it to happen to someone as young as them.

The girl who was killed in the car crash on Thursday night, she went to a school nearby that my friend’s mom taught at. We made a banner for them, like they made for us when Corey and Christina were killed back in November. We’ve been having fundraisers, to raise money for her family, just like our rival schools did for us.

My friend’s mom told me that they were stunned by everything my school has done for them, and I remember back in November. A week after Corey and Christina died, our principal came over the announcement system, and told us that one of our rivals raised $5 thousand dollars for us and the families, and our other rival raised $3 thousand.

I remember being shocked, and even though I was gutted about the accident, knowing that even though we were opponents, that they really came around us and supported us when we needed it.

I truly believe that God is using these tragedies to pull us together and bring us to him. Please pray for our school, and the other schools that have lost someone. Thanks!

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